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Hi there :D

I’m (yet another here :P) Elixir developer. I have a few years of expertise as an apprentice fullstack engineer at a telcom company, where I’ve used Elixir and Phoenix daily.

I have also worked at this company to create from scratch their new engineering platform, using Github Actions, Docker and Kubernetes.

I have a very diverse skill set, from backend/fullstack development to DevOps and a good understanding of ML/AI and IOT as well, which were the focus of my master degree and the last year of my bachelor degree, respectively! I’m also particularly interested in distributed systems and data intensive applications, which are effectively colliding with Elixir and OTP.

I also worked with a HealthTech startup for a few months during Covid, giving me a bit of professional experience with Swift and XCode.

I’m looking to relocate in Canada/Québec in 2024, hence my presence here!

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