Backend/Full Stack Senior Elixir Developer

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AI/ML DevOps Erlang LiveView MySQL/MariaDB OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL Tailwind

Experienced Elixir developer, wildly enthusiastic about the Elixir and OTP ecosystem, and a big fan of the functional programming paradigm.

Previous experience includes:

  • Designing and developing financial software in Elixir with an emphasis on security, correctness and performance
  • Creating full-stack applications from scratch
  • Writing hosting infrastructure software
  • Mission-critical data migrations between incompatible systems
  • Embedded systems
  • Many years working with Linux/BSD/Unix

I’ve been thinking in code since elementary school. I can code full stack but I’m happiest working server side and on special projects. I enjoy a mix of deep work on hard problems, and mentoring junior developers, especially through pairing.

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Victoria, BC, Canada


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