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With a rich professional background spanning five years, I’ve excelled as an Elixir Developer, with a focus on diverse projects and platforms. My journey commenced at Medilink Network Inc., a prominent healthcare technology company, where I spent three years, eventually becoming one of its former dev leads. During this tenure, I actively contributed to ReactJS projects for Medilink, as well as played a pivotal role in constructing APIs using Elixir backend technologies.

Transitioning to Bramble, I dedicated over a year to enhancing a business platform using the innovative Phoenix Liveview, immersing myself in the PETAL stack (Phoenix Elixir, Tailwind, Alpine, Liveview). This experience broadened my skill set and deepened my understanding of modern web development.

Presently, I thrive in the Hotel revenue management industry, actively maintaining a Phoenix Elixir web project that leverages BigQuery to handle extensive datasets. My role involves ensuring the seamless operation of this high-performance system, showcasing my ability to navigate complex technological landscapes.

In summary, my five years as an Elixir Developer have been marked by impactful contributions to Medilink Network Inc., invaluable experience in the development of business enhancement platforms at Bramble, and my current engagement in the dynamic Hotel revenue management sector. These experiences have solidified my expertise in Elixir and related technologies, positioning me as a versatile and adept professional in the field.

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