Staff Software Engineer | Expertise in GraphQL and Full-Stack Development

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AI/ML DevOps OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL ReactJS

With over 9 years of industry experience, I bring a robust background in Software Engineering and Mobile Development, specializing in the last 4 years in Federated GraphQL architectures and API contracts.

A seasoned UI/UX developer adept at JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and React Native. Skilled in integrating complex systems and creating seamless developer experiences through innovative solutions like a centralized protobuf repository and Nx monorepo tooling.

Led multiple high-impact projects, such as the successful company rebranding project of the mobile app at Divvy, developing a greenfield app showcased at CES in Las Vegas, and launching Divvy’s first open-source project.

Drove Divvy’s integration with after acquisition, ensuring efficient systems interplay. Notably, my insights and implementations were recognized at ElixirConf 2021, where I delivered a presentation on scaling GraphQL with Federation.

Passionate about delivering efficient, scalable solutions, I am committed to continuous learning and applying cutting-edge tech to solve complex problems.

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Eagle Mountain, UT, USA


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