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I have been building software in Elixir since 2018 and have been a software developer for more than a decade before that. Most of my experience is in small teams and startups taking a product from nothing to launch.

I am passionate about building quality software. Working software is not enough. Software must be readable and maintainable. Quality software comes from reducing complexity.

It is important to me that the work I do has a positive impact, either through the products I build or through the impact I have on the team I work with. Previous projects have included improving health care flows, social network platform for female entrepreneurs, and services for indigenous communities.

Lately I have found myself building Shopify apps for multiple companies. I am a contributor to the open source ElixirShopifyAPI and ElixirShopifyApp. This has led to an unintentional expertise in the Shopify ecosystem.

Historically I have enjoyed splitting my time between two contracts. This way I get to bring my expertise to two products and learn from two teams. However, I would consider focusing all of my time on a single contract for the right opportunity.

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