Elixir enthusiast. Back end. Functional programming minded

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MySQL/MariaDB Nerves OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL ReactJS

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I have a love for functional programming. Initially, Scala and Haskell, Elixir fell into my lap in ~2018 and I never looked back. I was a long-time Cars.com contractor and enjoy difficult problems and solutions that take creativity and collaboration.

Coolest things I’ve done

  • Migrate PostgreSQL database from Integer ID-based to UUID-based while (partially) live in production. Maybe about 200 tables, but I could be off by an order of magnitude. I just remember it was hard.
  • I was part of a team that re-platformed from micro-service backend js, Oracle, to mono-repo Elixir/phx and Vanilla JS.
  • I architectured an Oracle-based Spring CMS app to a MongoDB/JS/WordPress thing.
  • I did a double gainer off a high dive one time.

Thank you for your consideration, Martin

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Albuquerque, NM, US

03:11 PM

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