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Ash Framework Erlang LiveView OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL ReactJS Tailwind VueJS

I am a Software Engineer with more than five years of experience developing, deploying, and dockerizing full-stack applications and maintaining existing ones. My primary expertise is Elixir/Phoenix. I also have hands-on experience with React, Node.js/Express.

I have also worked on different projects that are using PETAL stack so I have hands-on experience working on PETAL. Following are the projects:

  1. Picsello(PETAL)
  2. OdenVision(PETAL)

Some of the Elixir, Reactjs and Nodejs projects I worked on are as follows: — (Phoenix/Elixir, Postgres, Azure MicroServices) Vendorful — (Phoenix/Elixir, Postgres, React.js, Phoenix Live Views) Chain API (API3) — (Phoenix/Elixir, Postgres, React.js, Next JS) Pertemps Live — (Nodejs, Angular, Sequelize, Postgres, AWS EC2, Twilio) Nearpeer — (AngularJS, SailsJS, RoR, NodeJS, AWS) Hypr — (React Native, Angular 4, SailsJS, AWS)

My good exposure to CofeeScript, Redis, Sidekiq, Distributed Erlang/OTP, APIs like RESTFull and GraphQL, AWS services like EC2, Lambda, S3, RDS, and SES, QA services like unit testing and LiveView test cases, set a mature environment for Full Stack Applications.

I am a hobbyist app developer with strong hold of Postgres, NoSQL, MySQL, HTML5, CSS and Javascript . I continuously learn and adapt new stacks to enhance my expertise and broaden my experience as a software engineer.

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Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

04:58 PM

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