OTP driven, Alchemist in the making!

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MySQL/MariaDB OTP Phoenix PostgreSQL SQLite Tailwind VueJS

With over 4 years of crafting digital wonders, I’m your go-to backend engineer who turns code into pure magic.

I’m on a quest to blend technology with artistry. When I’m not tinkering with JavaScript, and PHP, you’ll find me conjuring stunning designs in Figma, weaving responsive UI spells with Tailwind CSS, and brewing up powerful potions with Elixir.

I thrive in the cauldron of collaboration, where I help the team rise together, brew innovation, and bring projects to life. I’m not just an effective team player; I’m the wizard who ensures projects materialize on time and within budget.

So, if you’re looking for a developer who’s as comfortable with lines of code as they are with a dash of design and a sprinkle of Elixir magic, let’s brew up some digital enchantment together. Let’s make your software dreams a reality! 🌟✨”

I’m a self motivated individual seeking to take the next career step, dedicated to building and shipping quality software.

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Nairobi, N/A, Kenya

01:40 AM

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