With ~20 years of industry experience I offer consulting and/or fractional CTO services in technology strategy, software development (Elixir, Ruby & JavaScript), software delivery, engineering leadership and startup advisory.

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I’m an experienced Elixir and Ruby developer who has worked on many commercial projects as well as having released dozens of open source Hex packages and Rubygems.

I work as a CTO in my day job, leading a small team. I enjoy hands-on software design, coding, strategy, product research and everything in between.

I’ve been using Elixir for over half a decade, ruby for over a decade, lead and built multiple commercial B2B & B2C SaaS projects. I’ve always been very hands on, and have worked with multiple tech stacks in the past, including JS/React, PHP and a sprinkle of Golang and Clojure.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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