Veteran Alchemist, Adaptive Leader

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I’ve been operating in Elixir and its community for +10 years, and performed every technical role on the career ladder in startups for +15 years.

I’m open to new opportunities that marry these areas of experience where I can help develop great teams, tools, processes, and products!

You should reach out if:

  • You are looking for a leader comfortable with wearing as many hats as required to guide a new project, team, or initiative to a successful and stable launch
  • You are looking for an interface between the technical side of your organization with product, marketing, sales, operations, and support
  • You require a solutions architect to advise on the viability, scalability, and requirements of your idea, product, or codebase
  • You want to accelerate a technical team’s transition onto anything in my skillset and want a mentor to help them navigate the change
  • You need a functional MVP of a greenfield project (and don’t much care about how it looks)


  • Industries: SaaS, Product MGMT, Healthcare, Real Estate, Financials
  • Langs: Ruby, Python, Elixir, Javascript, Typescript, SQL, Bash
  • Frameworks: Lambda, Rails, Padrino, Hanami, Rack, ActiveRecord, Sequel, Django, Flask, Celery, SQLAlchemy, Phoenix, LiveView, Ecto, Express, Sequelize
  • Persistence: Git, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Redis, S3
  • Observability: New Relic, Bugsnag, Sentry, Rollbar, Cloudwatch
  • Orchestration: GH Actions, Jenkins, Travis, CircleCI
  • Deployment: AWS, Heroku,, VPSs, Docker, Terraform
  • Design: Domain Modeling, RESTful + GraphQL APIs, Developer Tooling

About me

I thrive in ambiguity, discovery, experimentation, and iteration.

In engineering, I am pragmatic and advocate for the simplest possible solution that delivers immediate value while correctly setting the stage for anticipated future evolution. In communication, I am empathic and strive to be deliberate and concise without omitting courtesy. In leadership, I am patient and try to cultivate curiosity, kindness, and rigor.


I do not work with cryptocurrency, web3, or gambling technologies.

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Durham, NC, United States

07:24 AM

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