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With over a decade of experience building software, I approach problems from a data-first and composable systems mindset. My professional focus has been delivering reliable, scalable, real-time software solutions in the travel, education, healthcare and real estate sectors. I’ve worked on a range of projects including building MVPs from the ground up to growing and scaling out a real-time multiplayer education game backend to tens of thousands of students and teachers across America.

I can help you with:

  • Back-office operational dashboards
  • Custom databases (workflow, CRMs, etc)
  • Demographic & spatial data (GIS), mapping
  • AI (artificial Intelligence) language chains
  • Data integration, transformation & enrichment
  • Custom reports & data visualization
  • MVPs (minimal viable products)
  • And more!


  • Designed and built a workflow and CRM platform for real estate appraisers
  • Worked on a complex telehealth platform that consisted of many moving parts
  • Rearchitected and scaled the real-time scoring system for a popular EdTech game
  • Built a specialty travel booking site for motorcyclists from the ground up


  • PostgreSQL: schema design, complex functions, tuning
  • Elixir: real-time event-driven distributed Phoenix applications
  • Other: Ruby, React, Hasura,, Heroku, K8s, and more

Open Source:

  • Elixir library for subscribing to the Postgres WAL
  • Elixir library for dealing with incoming webhooks
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Crestview, Florida, USA


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