Senior Software Engineer | Ruby - Rails - Elixir - Phoenix

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Experienced Software Developer with a diverse background in various technologies, frameworks, and specifications. Passionate about creating innovative products that deliver value to users.

Proficient in project standards, clean code practices, testing, and refactoring techniques. Over the past decade, I have especially in Ruby and its associated environments, including:

  • Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Rack, Sinatra
  • API: Rails-API, Grape-API
  • Integrations using RESTful features with JSON in a microservices architecture
  • Asynchronous processing queues with Redis and Sidekiq
  • Testing: Rspec, Minitest
  • Search: Elasticsearch, Solr
  • Code Quality: Simplecov, Rubocop, Code Climate, Travis-CI
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Memcached, Redis

In addition to my expertise in Ruby, I also have experience in Golang, Elixir, Java, Sinatra, JavaScript, Git, TDD, BDD, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, agile methodologies, and software architecture.

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Porto, Porto, Portugal

11:24 PM

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