Elixir Dev with 10+ years of experience, working in elixir since 2016

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I am working in the Elixir language for the last 7+ years, we are running our production servers in Elixir from Elixir 1.2. I have 10+ years of experience building scalable systems and have worked on the most loved languages in computer science but I liked Elixir, Rust & Go most :). I have prior experience in NodeJS, .NET C#, and Java. I have worked on various technologies in the time span of my career. I am a self-starter and a pragmatic programmer. I value good practices and methodologies of software engineering. I am not dogmatic and I act with an open mind — as I value a collaborative working environment and don’t want to stifle it or raise communication or relationship walls. I will be responsible for delivering core features of our software stack and taking an active part in the design and development of the system. How I’ll contribute to the team :)

  • I will ensure that the product roadmaps’ features are delivered according to their priorities and plans.
  • I will dedicate 80% of my time to contributing production, and high-quality code, while the rest of my time will be dedicated to discussing general design and architecture with the rest of the team, coding code reviews, learning new things, and helping the team and grow as a person and as a contributor.
  • I will ensure that our software is built with an appropriate level of quality and that the internal requirements in terms of traceability & code quality.

What I will get

  • Work & Life Balance
  • Unlimited learning as I like to work with different technologies & new challenges. 
  • Meeting new people and learning about new things:) 

What I will bring to a table

  • A good elixir experience as I’m working in Elixir for the last 7+ years so I’ve seen elixir growing, I started elixir when even formatter wasn’t there.
  • An over-enthusiastic learner who has working experience in more than 6 successful startups where some of them have become truly big.
  • I maintained the Bangalore Elixir MeetUp community for more than a couple of years & motivated 100+ guys to use Elixir in their startups & projects.
  • I am not like a person who forces people to use specific technology for all kinds of problems (like if you talk about high-speed encoding-decoding of video/audio/msg so I would not say Elixir, I might consider Rust, c++ as well or Rustler maybe), I’m open for discussions.
  • Experience in building high-speed scalable systems using BEAM-based architectures.
  • I have also worked on frontends (it’s been a bit of time since I’ve touched the front end, but if you give me a chance, I can pick it up and get up to speed).
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New Delhi, New Delhi, India


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