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I am a seasoned Elixir Developer with a proven track record in delivering robust and scalable solutions. My development philosophy centers on the user (in a love/hate dance). With a background in small companies, I’ve navigated every project stage — from financial planning and feedback loops to execution and delivery.


AI-Based Hip Hop Beats Platform

  • Tech Stack: Elixir - LiveView, Python
  • User Base: ~15,000 Users
  • Level: Senior
  • Description: Spearheaded the development of an AI-based platform for creating Hip Hop Beats, showcasing proficiency in Elixir and LiveView.

Influencer Advertising/Management Platform

  • Tech Stack: Elixir - LiveView
  • Level: Mid/Senior
  • Description: Co-planned and developed an Influencer advertising and management platform, juggeling all the Big Socials’ APIs. Achieved Tech Lead role during the project.

Leasing Platform

  • Tech Stack: PHP - Laravel
  • User Base: ~100,000 Users
  • Level: Mid
  • Description: Successfully built and maintained a high-traffic leasing platform using PHP and Laravel.

Outpatient Wound Care Platform

  • Tech Stack: PHP - Laravel
  • Level: Junior
  • Description: Developed an outpatient wound care platform with privacy and security standards matching the GDPR rules for personal health data.

Custom Medical Knitwear Shop

  • Tech Stack: PHP - Laravel
  • Level: Junior
  • Description: A b2b e-commerce application specializing in custom-made medical knitwear.

Personal Projects:

Algorithmic Trading System

  • Tech Stack: Elixir (concurrency), Rust (fast execution), Python (analysis)
  • Description: Currently, in my spare time, I am developing an algorithmic trading system that leverages the strengths of Elixir for concurrency, Rust for fast execution, and Python for explorative analysis.


  • Continuous Learning: Actively studying statistics and mathematics to enhance my analytical skills.
  • Passion for Technology: Engaging in personal projects that explore the intersection of technology and finance, such as the algorithmic trading system.
  • Recharge: I stay grounded with nature, enjoying things like surfing and hiking.
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